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Most construction projects operate according to the BIM methodology. Not surprising, because this is how the different information flows come together neatly. Fortunately, at Van Den Berg Bouwkundigen we are specialised in this working method. In this way you can be assured that your construction project is going well. Are you interested? Contact us today!

What is the Building Information Model?

At Van Den Berg Bouwkundigen we work with the Building Information Model (BIM). This working method is indispensable in the design and construction process of every project. Usually there are multiple design models. Within the BIM process these can be integrated. In addition, this method fits well with the most recent developments within the construction sector.

Our experienced staff can work extremely well with the Building Information Model. That is good news for you. This enables us to continue to guarantee the high quality of our work. Our BIM method therefore results in a high level of customer satisfaction among our (long-term) clients.

BIM Management

The vision of Van Den Berg Bouwkundigen is focused on creativity and overview. This shifts the focus of our BIM. We therefore speak of Building Information Management instead of Building Information Model. Our specialists are able to coordinate all information in the design and construction process. From the initiative to the maintenance planning after delivery: we assist you in all steps. At Van Den Berg, we deliver more than just a model. We stand for BIM management.

Supervising a project from start to finish. This requires sufficient knowledge. Our organisation therefore consists of a large group of specialists, including architects, consultants and urban planners.

The BIM approach of Van Den Berg Bouwkundigen

Applying BIM enables us to better perform our role as director of the design process. This means: inventing less yourself, connecting more with each other. We do this in all parts of the entire process. Think of process / time (4D), costs (5D) and maintenance (6D). The input of the specialists involved is forged into one coherent whole by means of our BIM protocol.

At Van Den Berg Bouwkundigen, BIM is more than just 3D modelling. It is more than just the Building Information Model, but more and more Building Information Management - in other words: BIM Management. It is synonymous with a different way of working, which helps with chain integration within the construction industry.

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With a well-defined BIM protocol, your project stands firm. So call in the specialists of Van Den Berg Bouwkundigen! We know exactly how to apply this method to your construction project. Feel free to contact us without any obligation. This can be done via our contact form or by calling +31 88 600 67 70. Will we soon be arranging the BIM method for your construction project?