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This is who we are

We have taken the safety and security of the buildings in which we live and work for granted. Van den Berg Bouwkundigen knows his responsibility in this respect- a guarantee for the safety, sustainability and health of buildings on which we have worked.

Close cooperation in the chain is the road to successful construction. Our construction experts are the connecting factor in this, with input from their expertise and know-how. Based on our client-oriented approach and knowledge of the technical aspects of the construction process, we are committed to the efficient construction of sustainable and safe buildings. With expert advice, we develop reliable data for efficient construction, are the linking factor between all those involved in the project and promote chain cooperation. We do so with maximum attention to people and the environment. With our exploratory attitude, we have a clear vision of current building technology issues. We use this for reputable architects from the Netherlands and abroad, leading 'developing' builders and project developers. Together we realise safe, sustainable and healthy buildings. This is how Van den Berg Bouwkundigen has a passion for construction.