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Engineering consultancy for non-residential construction

Van den Berg Bouwkundigen specialises in new-build projects in non-residential construction. As engineering consultants, we are the connecting factor between design and realisation. With a keen eye for detail. We work for contractors, architects and property owners.

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By organising practical days on the building site, our modellers gain new construction knowledge.

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BIM models for non-residential construction

Non-residential construction involves a lot. Each building project has its own unique characteristics. Think of specific materials, detailing, building physics and detailing in the structural model. Our modellers have this knowledge of engineering and create a BIM model that meets your specific requirements. When making a model, we follow the construction sequence at the building site. We know what the tolerances of materials are and apply them to the model. We also check aspect models from other co-makers and suppliers and incorporate these in the model. With our many years of experience, we are an extension of efficient, high-quality work planning. Together, we make it feasible.

We stand for a correct engineering model, without clashes, that meets all the requirements of the Buildings Decree with regard to, for example, ventilation, airtight construction, insulation value, circular construction and sustainability. We go further than just engineering advice. With our expertise, we improve the building process and reduce (failure) costs by actively thinking along on the efficient use and transport of building materials.

Engineering models

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Definitive Design (DD)

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Technical Design (TD)

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Ready-to-implement Design

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Sales Drawing

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Working drawings for the construction site

A modelling process has several phases. Based on your requirements, we get to work and continually check the expectations on both sides. Our proven step-by-step plan and a tight modelling schedule ensure a complete set of working drawings. This set contains all the working drawings with the information you need in the preparation and execution. On the basis of these well-organised working drawings, the planner can start work and write to subcontractors. We also supply the models, including the data, which can be used by the work preparation, calculation and subcontractors.

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3D modelling and 2D working drawings

The construction world is developing rapidly, and we are moving with it. Our modelers make every construction project detailed in a high-quality 3D model or a 3D BIM model in Revit software. We have developed our own BIM library, with which we can better meet the demand from the market. By performing clashes, we identify and resolve problems at an early stage. We work with IFC for the exchange of BIM models and aspect models. In addition, it is possible to view the project at any time via BIM 360.

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