Engineering knowledge

Eye for detail



For large-scale renovations, alterations and renovations, it is essential to work on the basis of the accurate data of the current situation, such as correct dimensions. However, for many buildings, especially old buildings, there is limited documentation and an unclear picture of how buildings are put together. By charting existing real estate completely and accurately in BIM, Van den Berg Bouwkundigen provides clarity. The result: the most accurate insight into buildings and therefore the best starting point for any modifications.

Laser scan, point clouds and digital measurement

Drawings of existing real estate often no longer match reality; important data is missing or are in many cases not available. In order to make adjustments based on accurate data, the real estate is measured digitally and three-dimensionally by means of laser scanning. With this method a lot of measurement points are gathered in a short period of time with an accuracy of a few millimetres. Together, these measurement points form a point cloud: an accurate and reliable template for the final BIM model.

Existing situation in BIM

We read into the point cloud and process it into a detailed BIM model. This model is a very accurate baseline measurement of the present situation, which corresponds one-to-one with reality. Based on this, well-founded decisions can be made for renovations and alterations. If desired, we model these modifications or additions in a second BIM model, after which all available information is loaded into one complete model.