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Mall of the Netherlands

Westfield Mall of the Netherlands

The 180 existing stores in this prominent shopping area of Leidsenhage will either be thoroughly renovated or even completely replaced. 4,000 parking spaces will be realised, a large part of which will be underground. Meanwhile, the first part of this enormous building project has been opened to the public. Westfield Mall of the Netherlands will be a unique indoor shopping centre for a "day out". A number of restaurants, new and established shops and a cinema will form part of this shopping centre, situated at a prominent location in the heart of the Randstad with a catchment area of 2.4 million inhabitants within a 30-minute radius.

Why has Van den Berg Bouwkundigen been chosen?

In particular our expertise in extensive projects and the long-term relationship with the contractor with whom we have realized the Noord/Zuidlijn, Carlton Tower and ASR Utrecht Headquarters.

What is special about this project?

In 2012 we modelled the existing buildings prior to the new plans. Based on the new plans, Van den Berg Bouwkundigen designed the new building. Through this involvement, we also made the interior models, and we provided the lift models for Otis.

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