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BIM basic ILS version 2 is a fact!


A great step for all the people who use BIM in the Netherlands: BIM Basic ILS version 2 is a fact! This helps the construction industry to get even more out of BIM. We are proud of our colleagues Klaas Dunnink ✓ (expert committee) and Jordy Graafland (sounding board group). They made a nice contribution to the realization of this new version.

This new version has been refined on all fronts and expanded with important components. This makes the BIM basic ILS even more widely applicable and serves as a good basis for every project. In addition to the modified infographic, there is a completely new website with better, step-by-step explanation and thus even less room for noise. The motto remains: the more companies and institutions in the construction sector work together under this structure, the greater the benefits for all of us.

With the BIM basic ILS version 2, the BIM basic ILS movement is entering a new phase: one in which unambiguous collaboration is possible for an even wider audience.

The BIM loket website (bimloket.nl) contains all the information you need to get started with the new version immediately. Clear collaboration is the future!