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A special part of the building is the vaulted roof. In various curves, the roof folds over the building, culminating in the stage tower. This roof and the end walls of the building are completely covered with herbs and grasses. It was precisely this vaulted roof that was the biggest challenge for us: how to construct this exceptional shape as efficiently as possible. The right solutions were found in consultation with those involved.

The theatre in Emmen offers two auditoriums: a theatre auditorium with 800 to 1,000 seats and a level floor auditorium with 300 seats or 1,000 standing places. In addition, there are various conference facilities and several catering facilities, such as a themed restaurant, a theatre café and an a la carte restaurant on the first floor. Also the offices for staff of the Wildland Zoo animal park are located in this building. The result is a powerful symbol and landmark for the zoo and the centre of Emmen.

Why has Van den Berg Bouwkundigen been chosen?

Van den Berg Bouwkundigen has taken the initiative to form a partnership with Henning Larssen Architects. This cooperation has led to winning the tender- a dream start of course.  The task, the client, the environment of this politically sensitive project was clearly visible in the elaboration of the program as well as the building. Van den Berg Bouwkundigen has found his way into the task, the client and the environment of this politically sensitive project we are very proud at the initiative we took. As a result, several more international collaborations have followed.

What is special about this project?

A special feature of the project was the political component, in which it was necessary to form a unified accompaniment, especially for an important project like this. The complexity of the building was easier to control than the complexity of a divided client. We are proud of our work and enjoy going to the Theatre in Emmen with its beautiful zoo. The details that make a beautiful design into a great building made this project one of the most special. The commitment of the client and the architect to set the bar as high as possible ultimately brings out the best in us. The interior design is also worth mentioning and taken care of by Carolien Roos. And for Van den Berg Bouwkundigen, of course, a great assignment for a fantastic client. The client trusted us from the first steps until the end of the assignment and according to his response afterwards, we fulfilled that promise.

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Municipality of Emmen


2 halls, conference facilities, catering facilities and offices

Project architect
Van den Berg Architecten
Henning Larsen Architects

Building sum
€ 50 million

Andres van der Wal
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+31 6 20 52 25 18
Amvest Amsterdam

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