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The New Atrium Amsterdam

The New Atrium Amsterdam

On the corner of Strawinskylaan and Parnassusweg in Amsterdam, the Atrium Towers have been revived for the third time. Atrium Amsterdam was completed in 1972, making it one of the oldest buildings in the Zuidas.

A renovation of the existing towers and an extension with two new towers and a luxurious parking garage make this complex a very luxurious office space. The extension covered almost 30,000 square meters. In addition to more office space, the building is equipped with several restaurants, coffee bars and a gym.

The New Atrium complies with the sustainability label "BREEAM Excellent". This is the second highest qualification that can be obtained under the BREEAM label. For this purpose, the building is connected to three sustainable energy systems: solar panels, cold and heat storage, all supplemented by district heating from NUON.

A lot of attention has been paid to the use of sustainable materials, passive design measures such as fins on the sun-loaded facade, energy-efficient installations and water-saving solutions in the sanitary areas.  Furthermore, The New Atrium is equipped with a large indoor bicycle shed with showers and changing rooms and connection points for electric cars.

Striking about this project on the Zuidas in Amsterdam is the layout filled with special details, connections to the current situation and various constructions that match each other. This design was realized in collaboration with various builders and subcontractors.

Why has Van den Berg Bouwkundigen been chosen?

Van den Berg Bouwkundigen was commissioned the task by Bouwbedrijf de Nijs on the basis of our plan of approach and the pricing in the quotation. The long-term relationship with both contractors, which often means that half a word is good enough, ensures that parties from all sides are satisfied with previous cooperation and the quality of the services provided.

What is special about this project?

Special about this project was the location on the Zuidas, its design with the horizontal steel lines and the curved glass corners. The characteristic floor fins, which protrude from the various layers and which are longer on the sun-loaded sides, provide shade in the workplace and add allure to the building. Another unique feature is the one-piece curved glass windows at the corners with a radius of 2.40 metres. The glass was imported specially from Germany and has passed all the tests with success. The height of the floors in many places inside the building also catches your eye, giving the building an extra dimension inside.

Preliminary to the design of the extension of the existing buildings we have made models, which were used by the architect for new designs. The challenge in the extension was to join the existing buildings to the new building by means of footbridges. A similar challenge was for the cellar, to have the existing building connected to the new building. We also made the models for the upgrade of the existing buildings. Resulting in a unique building as an enrichment of the Zuidas, with subdued architecture in natural tones with a luxurious look and beautiful views- ultimate job satisfaction.

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Renovation, extension and luxurious parking garage

Project architect

Building sum
€ 50 million

Andres van der Wal
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+31 6 20 52 25 18
Amvest Amsterdam

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