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What will a building ultimately look like? A Design Development provides a detailed picture of its appearance, structural design and layout. The Design Development also offers a global insight into the use of materials. As an architectural consultancy, we specialise in working out a Design Development for contractors, architects and property owners.

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From Preliminary Design to Design Development

In the Design Development, we translate an architect’s Preliminary Design into a Design Development. The appearance, dimensions and materialisation are recorded in a 3D BIM (Building Information Model). The Design Development answers questions such as:

  • How big is the building, and where will it be situated on the building plot?
  • How is the building laid out?
  • What is the function and size of each space?
  • How does the exterior look, and what materials will be used?

We complete this phase by delivering the Design Development model and drawings to the client. The Design Development is the starting point for the following phases in the design process, and can also be used as a basis for artist impressions and calculating the anticipated construction costs.

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Van den Berg Bouwkundigen shares ideas proactively

We believe creating a Design Development starts not with drawing, but with listening. That’s why we begin by talking to clients about their wishes, requirements and basic principles. During the process, we always share our ideas proactively. Our architectural expertise lets us identify any clashes at an early stage and suggest possible solutions.

We also look ahead. We take account of technical aspects which will influence the subsequent architectural phase for the Pre-construction Documents and the Construction Documents. This prevents any unpleasant surprises during the execution and contributes to an efficient (and cost-effective) process. This ensures a Design Development that meets all wishes and requirements.

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From Design Development to Pre-construction Documents

The Design Development is the basis for the Sales Drawing, the Pre-construction Documents, and the Construction Documents. Van den Berg Bouwkundigen is a widely specialised architectural consultancy with extensive experience in both residential and non-residential construction. We can also produce the Sales Drawing, the Pre-construction Documents and the Construction Documents

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