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Sales Drawing for residential buildings

Prospective buyers of a new house or appartement want to see what they are buying. A Sales Drawing makes it clear to the potential buyer at a glance, just how big the spaces are and what function they fulfil. Van den Berg Bouwkundigen has the knowledge and skills to produce Sales Drawings for contractors, architects and property owners.

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Sales Drawings are available in a range of levels. It’s up to the client to decide just how detailed they should be. That’s why we discuss the wishes, requirements and expectations before we start.

A Sales Drawing always contains a facade drawing and a floor plan, offering an insight into the layout of a house or flat, including the dimensions of the rooms. More details can be added if desired, such as the materials to be used. The connection points for installations, such as power points, light points and ventilation extraction points can also be included in the Sales Drawing.

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3D BIM model, 2D Sales Drawings

Our modellers create a construction project at a detailed level in a 3D BIM model. The 3D model is the basis for the Sales Drawings, which are delivered in 2D. The 3D BIM model can also serve to create all desired visualisations, such as artist impressions and brochures.

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Van den Berg Bouwkundigen is a widely specialised architectural consultancy with extensive experience in both residential and non-residential construction. In addition to a Sales Drawing we can also produce Design Development, Pre-construction Documents and Construction Documents.

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