Engineering knowledge

Eye for detail


Building management

A building project is complex. To make a successful project, within the set budget and timeframe, independent supervision of the construction site is an absolute must. Van den Berg Bouwkundigen removes the burden in this. Our knowledge and skills in the field of construction engineering enable us to guarantee the quality of the construction project by ensuring flawless execution - as a supervisor on the building site and as a manager in the construction shop.

Building Supervision

The quality of the execution stands or falls with the quality of the supervision. As a supervisor, we guarantee a smooth-running construction process. It is our job to ensure that the building parties execute the work in accordance with the predefined plans. In consultation with the contractor and/or client, we check the work carried out against the requirements of the building's engineering. For example, we check whether the work is executed in accordance with the drawings and the specifications, we perform any checks on the drawing work and we inspect the materials and construction products. Deviations are quickly identified and reported by us, so that we can respond to them in a prompt manner and prevent additional work and failure costs.


In the role of manager, we are the client's representative and advocate in the construction site. This means that, on his behalf, we are the first point of contact for all parties involved. In addition, we relieve the client of the burden of supervising and coordinating the construction process in terms of processes and finances. In this way, we monitor the planning, are proactively involved in building cost management and organise the provision of information for the construction partners, so that everyone can get to work on time and the planning is not compromised.