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Bimming is more than 3D modelling. It is a way of collaboration between all project partners. Besides the development of BIM models, we support in the implementation, coordination and direction of BIM projects and help organizations to take the next step. Together we make the BIM project a success.


Companies wishing to make the transition to a BIM-driven working method can rely on our advice and support during the process. We educate organisations so that all the information in the model is correctly interpreted and so that they can benefit from the overall BIM potential. Do you also enjoy the benefits of BIM? We carefully look at where the specific requirements lie. What are the expectations, objectives and ambitions with regard to BIM? Once this is clear, we can work on an implementation plan that meets these expectations.


Noise may occur between the design and execution phases. The aspect models of one party may clash with those of the other party, causing the execution to get into difficulties. As BIM coordinator, we are the connecting factor between design and execution. We make sure that all individual models are properly aligned and loaded into one correct architectural model, without any clashes. This prevents re-engineering and stimulates chain integration.

BIM direction

Our overview of the total project gives us the opportunity to take on a directing role. As BIM director, we are the process manager who leads the project from A to Z in the best possible way, on a strategic and tactical level. We set goals and preconditions, coordinate them with all parties involved and on this basis we steer the progress of the BIM project in the right direction. In this role, we have been at the helm of numerous projects. This expertise gives us a unique position in the market.

Model check

Do you want to be sure whether your BIM model is correct? At Van den Berg Bouwkundigen you can obtain a second opinion. We check the model for accuracy and can advise you in solving possible complications.