Engineering knowledge

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In 2008 we switched to the BIM working method, which has become the new standard in the construction industry. In the meantime we have gained more than 10 years of experience with BIM and have turned this way of working into our speciality. A speciality that we are continually developing so we are more able to respond to new trends and developments. BIM offers unlimited possibilities when as many parties as possible work with it. For us this is the reason that we help others gain at least as much knowledge.

BIM for residential and non-residential construction

Our experience with the Building Information Model enables us to build the most complete models using the latest software. Our models fit seamlessly with your information requirements. The models contain all the necessary data to fully engage, build and maintain buildings and provide clarity about planning and budget, among other things. Based on clear communication, the production process is considerably shortened, of course, in accordance with the BIM basis ILS. We develop the models for projects in every sector: residential, commercial and non-residential construction. Including projects with mixed functions.


Our involvement is not limited to the DO, TO and UO. We are at your service throughout the construction process. Even before we start modelling, we use our expertise by proactively thinking along with you. Thanks to our knowledge of BIM, we have a better understanding of the underlying question and are better attuned to what is actually needed; something that in many cases deviates from what is required, as practice teaches us. We add value after the UO as well. Based on the huge amount of data, informed decisions can be made from our BIM models, during the entire life span of the building, for the necessary maintenance, but also for the final demolition work. 

Output BIM-model

A BIM model contains an enormous amount of data, which is not applicable or comprehensible to everyone. Depending on the question, we can extract the most essential information and convert it into an easy-to-understand information document. Think of license documentation, exports, sales drawings, specification drawings and working plans. In this way we make complex models understandable to everyone, so that the available information is interpreted correctly.

We are affiliated with BIM-basis ILS (information delivery specification), check this page for more information.